018: Fostering Resilience in Young Athletes: A Parent and Coach Perspective with Mateus Manoel

017: Andrew Hauser – the Role of Breath Work & Respiration in Pro Sports

016: Shireen Mansoori – Sport Science and Rehab, Integrating Technology for Better Health and Performance

015: Jess Elis – Integration Between Technology and Rehab

014 – Mike Robertson: Training for the Athlete’s Best Interest

013 – Danny Guzman: How Genetics Can Influence Rehab & Training

012: Lee Nguyen – Training, Rehab, and Playing Pro Soccer

011: Darrius Barnes – From the Soccer Field to the Front Office

010: Maggie Awad – Improving Gut Health for Athletes

009: Ben Hagar – MLB Superstitions & Building Strong Team Culture

008: Nicole Surdyka – Soccer Rehab & Overcoming Limited Resources

007: Amy Atmore – differences as private NFL vs NBA Team physical Therapist