“I’m interested in how workload technology can be tissue-specific in sports medicine, tailoring recovery and training to the unique demands of different sports like basketball and soccer.”

Matt Tuttle

What You will learn

  • How the business of collective bargaining agreements can impact the day-to-day of health & performance teams.
  • What is Load Management and how to effectively implement it.
  • How physical therapists can incorporate sports science into their daily practices.

In this conversation, Matthew Tuttle discusses his background in sports medicine and his experiences working in different sports leagues. He emphasizes the importance how early in his career his manual therapy fellowship helped find success early. He then discusses how some the differences between the NBA and MLS/NWSL. More specifically, Matt shares how collective bargaining agreements can influence decisions on workload management.

The conversation then delves into the definition of load management and stress, as well as the role of technology in load management. Matt provides an overview of his PhD work on load management in the NBA and the importance of understanding and applying workload data in sports science. He emphasizes the need for practitioners to consider individual factors and adjust metrics accordingly.

The conversation also explores the successes and failures of load management strategies and the potential for technology to enhance data collection and analysis. Tuttle highlights the importance of communication and organizational structure in the sports industry and the need for actionable data and tangible outcomes.

Finally, he shares insights on finding small wins, being a good team player, and the persistence required for success. The conversation concludes with discussions on favorite hotels, impactful books, and eye-opening experiences in sports.

Listen here – Finding Small Wins Podcast:

020 | Matt Tuttle: Load Management Explained


Key Takeways

  • The NBA and MLS/NWSL have different game demands and cultural dynamics, requiring different approaches to workload management.
  • Collective bargaining agreements in the NBA give players more control and empowerment, but can also create challenges in decision-making.
  • Managing high-stakes pressure in sports requires maintaining balance and perspective.
  • Load management and stress are distinct concepts, with load management focusing on workload monitoring and stress encompassing various psychological and external factors.
  • Technology plays a crucial role in workload management, providing data on external and internal workload measures.
  • PhD research on load management in the NBA aims to understand workload patterns and variations to inform decision-making and player protection. Understanding and applying workload data is crucial in sports science, but practitioners must consider individual factors and adjust metrics accordingly.
  • Advancements in technology have improved the accuracy of measurement in sports science, allowing for more precise data collection and analysis.
  • The future of basketball research lies in collecting high-quality data and using AI technology to analyze and interpret it.
  • Effective communication and organizational structure are essential in the sports industry to ensure collaboration and understanding among stakeholders.
  • Actionable data and tangible outcomes are necessary for making informed decisions and driving performance improvements.
  • Finding small wins and being a good team player contribute to a positive and supportive culture in high-performance environments.
  • The best book Matthew Tuttle has read in the last two years is ‘The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know’ by Adam Grant.
  • The experience of being in the NBA bubble during the COVID-19 pandemic provided a new perspective on the importance of personal relationships and freedom.

episode timeline

00:00 Introduction and Background

03:00 The Importance of Manual Therapy Fellowship

06:00 Differences Between NBA and MLS/NWSL

10:00 The Influence of Collective Bargaining Agreements

15:00 Managing High Stakes Pressure and Emotional Toll

20:00 Finding Balance and Identity Outside of Sports

25:00 Defining Load Management and Stress

30:00 The Role of Technology in Load Management

38:00 PhD Work on Load Management in the NBA

45:09 Understanding and Applying Workload Data

47:04 What We’ve Gotten Right and Wrong About Load Management

50:25 Advancements in Technology and Accuracy of Measurement

53:47 The Future of Basketball Research and Data Analysis

57:24 The Importance of Communication and Organizational Structure

01:03:13 The Need for Actionable Data and Tangible Outcomes

01:06:57 Finding Small Wins and Being a Good Team Player

01:09:38 The Importance of Persistence and the Grind

01:11:16 Favorite Hotels and What Defines a Good Hotel

01:14:30 The Best Book Read in the Last Two Years

01:15:37 Eye-Opening Experiences in Sports

Adam Loiacono


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