“In the world of sports performance, the key to success often lies in the smallest details and the relentless pursuit of improvement.”

Jarryd Phillips

What You will learn

  • The Challenges and Rewards of Building a High-Performance Team from Scratch
  • The Importance of Collaboration Between Technical Staff and Performance Teams
  • Strategies for Managing Player Performance During High-Stakes Competitions
  • The Role of Nutrition, Recovery, and Mental Resilience in Athlete Development
  • The Future of Soccer in America: Growth, Challenges, and Opportunities

In this conversation, Adam and Jarryd discuss Jarryd’s journey in the soccer world, particularly his experience with an expansion team and the challenges they face. They also talk about the integration of performance and coaching, managing expectations, and the importance of self-improvement. Jarryd emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to player development and the importance of teamwork and attitude. They also touch on the growth of soccer in America and its potential for the future.

Listen here – Finding Small Wins Podcast:

025 | Jarryd Phillips: High Performance with MLS Expansion Teams

Key Takeaways

  • The challenges of starting with an expansion team include building everything from scratch and growing at an appropriate speed.
  • Success in soccer comes down to attitude and teamwork requires selflessness.
  • A holistic approach to player development, integrating performance and coaching, is crucial for building resilient athletes.
  • Small wins each day, such as focusing on self-improvement and embracing the journey, contribute to sustained success.
  • Soccer in America is evolving and becoming more ubiquitous, with potential for further growth in the future.

episode timeline

00:00 Jarryd’s Journey and Challenges of an Expansion Team
08:40 The Difference Between an Expansion Team and an Established Club
27:29 Starting Where You Are and Self-Improvement

Adam Loiacono


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