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High Performance Book List

Looking for your next book to read to improve your skills & knowledge? I have created a list of books that have influenced my abilities as a practitioner in High Performance. I also added a touch of personal flare by including some of my favorite novels and stories that impacted my life. When you download now, you will gain access to:

  • An exclusive Curriculum on how to become an ELITE performance therapist.
  • Several Top 10 lists including topics on human performance, popular science, and many more.
  • Favorite stories, historical figures, and fiction novels that will positively impact your life.

Performance Therapy: a Guide on how to progress rehab

With so many commercial systems, theories, and philosophies available, how do you ultimately progress rehab? This guide uses frameworks that I have used from over 15 years training and rehabbing professional & youth athletes. When you download now, you will gain access to:

  • How to effectively periodize rehab and structure your daily plans.
  • 10 Principles that provide the foundation for a system that guide rehab progressions.
  • Learn how and why the Force-Velocity Curve is important during the rehab process.

Conditioning for Rehab: How to Maintain Fitness When Injuries Occur

This guide will help you better understand what conditioning is and how to effectively minimize a loss in fitness during rehab from injuries. You will gain a foundational understanding of energy system development and have actionable steps to start programming TODAY for your athletes. Here are the key features of this guide:

  • Learn the 3 primary energy systems and their rate of decay if not trained.
  • Understand how to effectively dose frequency for each individual energy system.
  • Get started TODAY with either a Beginner or Advanced guide for practical application.

Performance Therapy Assessment: How to Interpret Movement as a Story

How can posture, movement, and table tests tell a story? When observing movement or posture, what do you look for? In this guide you will get EXCLUSIVE access to my own personal Performance Therapy Assessment – completely for FREE. Here are the key features of this guide:

  • Learn how I evaluate posture and what I am looking for.
  • Administer the specific movement tests that correlate with my posture tests.
  • My specific table tests that I use to evaluate each joint.
  • Get started TODAY with exclusive steps on how to apply the assessment.

The Continuum of Return to Play

The Continuum is a framework that will help you better organize your thoughts, enhance your communication across your team, and improve your skills to effectively progress your athletes back to their sport.

  • My 5 phases for return to play and the key differences & definitions of each phase.
  • How to effectively integrate multiple disciplines throughout the entire process.
  • Improve your ability to educate the athlete on realistic expectations of rehab.