“In the human body and in nature as a whole, there is always more than one way to make something happen.”

Andrew Hauser

What You will learn

  • How to be an effective leader in professional sports.
  • Spirometers, barometers, and the use of blood oxygenation.
  • Advice on how to practically include breath work within your training program.

In this episode I am excited to introduce you to Andrew Hauser of Continuum High Performance. Andrew is one of those types of people that will continually be learning and reading throughout his career. He has a thirst for getting better at what he does and has an incredible amount of humility at the same time.

Andrew graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.S. in Athletic Training in 2008 and obtained a Masters degree in Performance Psychology in 2020.  He has worked in a variety of roles in his 14 years of experience as an athletic trainer and strength coach, with his most recent role being the Director of Performance Rehab with the Los Angeles Dodgers, during which time he was a part of their 2020 World Series team.

His formal education was in athletic training but I want to be clear that his degree does not encompass all that he is capable of because of how much learning he has pursued over the years. Most recently he completed a Certified Mental Performance Coach because he recognized the value in the mental skills in what he does for his athletes.

Andrew does a great job in this episode highlighting his career path so I’ll leave that to him. I want to highlight the reason I invited Andrew on the show is because whenever we do connect, I always walk away learning something new. The lessons I learn help me refine my model of rehab & performance. That certainly is the case in this episode as we get into the weeds about monitoring and training respiration and blood oxygenation.

Listen here – Finding Small Wins Podcast:

017 | Andrew Hauser: Elevating Performance – The Role of Breath Work and Respiration in Pro Sports

Notable Quotes

“You cannot be on an emotional roller coaster and have success.”

Andrew Hauser

“Every athlete needs to hear they are heard.”

Andrew Hauser

Key Takeaways:

[2:29] How did Andrew enter the scene of pro sports?

[5:45] What was Andrew’s vision while he was exercising a leadership position?

[8:48] Andrew talks about his participation in the World Series.

[13:16] Andrew shares memorable Dodgers stories.

[16:45] Broadly speaking, what is Andrew’s approach to rehab?

[20:15] Why are spirometers and barometers meaningful? How can you make them practical?

[23:31] Andrew addresses the research on breathing for longevity purposes.

[25:43] Heart and breath work in frequency and volume.

[30:01] Andrew often confesses using Moxy (Muscle Oxygen Monitor) in breath training.

[32:31] What does Moxy measure, and why is it important?

[38:13] Andrew uses passive blood flow restriction for recovery.

[43:40] Andrew shares a big eye-opener for him with a group called Evolve from Austin, Texas.

[46:52] What does Andy mean by ‘getting deeper into what can be done from the private side’?

[52:46] Andrew studied psychology and became a CMPC (Certified Mental Performance Coach).

[53:06] How does Andrew define a small win?

[56:10] Every athlete needs to be heard.

[58:31] Andrew answers a series of fun questions.

Adam Loiacono


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