“I think the most meaningful things in life are found in the small spaces and in the small wins.”

scottie parker

What You will learn

  • First-hand experience of an NFL Super Bowl & a Guinness Book World Record
  • How to endure multiple cultural changes by showing up as a trusted teammate
  • Advice on how to approach the training room during high stress times such as the NBA Trade Deadline

Ever wonder what it’s like to experience winning an NFL Super Bowl? Or how does the NBA trade deadline impact the training room? In this conversation, Scottie Parker, a Head Athletic trainer in the NBA and former athletic trainer in the NFL, shares a few stories while also teaching us a few life lessons along the way.

I have known Scottie for years, both personally and professionally, He is an absolute gem of a human who has over a decade of experience working as an athletic trainer in both the NFL and NBA. Scottie has been a part of a Super Bowl winning team and has also experienced a Guinness book world record.

Over his career in the NBA, he has been promoted to Head Athletic Trainer and at the time of being promoted, he was the youngest in the League in that position. As the head trainer for the Atlanta Hawks, Scottie has incredible perspective having endured multiple general managers, head coaches, ownerships groups, and multiple directors of performance.

Scottie also is someone I envy because of how he can raise three amazing kids alongside an incredible wife while working in pro sports – something I hope to be as successful as he is someday. 

Listen here – Finding Small Wins Podcast:

002 | Scottie Parker: NFL Super Bowl, NBA Trade Deadline, & Life Lessons

Notable Quotes

“People would rather have a middle performer, high trust…because if you’re a trustworthy person, I think that’s what people in positions of leadership are looking for and that’s what I’ve tried to do.”

scottie parker

“The schedule doesn’t care about you and your family…be careful not to get your identity too tied up to your job.”

scottie parker

Key Takeaways:

[1:48] Scottie started in a full-time, seasonal internship in the NBA.

[2:02] Scottie shares the exceptional experience of winning a Superbowl.

[3:51] How loud was it breaking that Guinness Record?

[5:55] What was the schedule for Scottie when he was a seasonal intern?

[8:04] How much equipment were they loading onto trucks?

[9:06] Scottie talks about the time he went to the NFL Superbowl.

[11:09] Scottie was living full-time in New York.

[11:29] Scottie talks about the details of his everyday life back in NY.

[13:35] Scottie realizes that now that he has three children, it is not sustainable to keep working as he used to.

[15:12] Scottie was invited to be interviewed by the Hawks.

[17:10] Scottie advises his younger self: Don’t get your identity too tied up in what you do.

[18:19] How do contracts work in this space?

[20:22] What does Scottie think he was doing right for him to keep the job?

[23:14] What are some common characteristics of those who Scottie saw coming and leaving during these nine seasons?

[24:56] What is one of Scottie’s favorite things about the sport?

[26:45] Why is January such a hard month for those in the NBA?

[29:08] What is packing for a ten-day trip?

[30:57] Scottie reaffirms the importance of compassion and care for the players since it is emotionally draining to be separated from their families.

[32:57] Scottie talks about some of the responsibilities of a Head Athletic Trainer.

[34:45] Where did the ‘Jerry Scale’ originate?

[39:05] How does Scottie raise a family across different states?

[41:40] What challenges does Scottie encounter when he travels but wants to spend time with his family instead?

[45:00] How does Scottie define a small win?

[47:34] How does Scottie help others find their small wins when leading from the middle?

[49:29] How does Scottie create a welcoming space for others to come to him when they are in need?

[51:05] To achieve changes, consistency is the game.

[53:12] Scottie shares a few more thoughts about small wins.

[57:57] After working within sports, where is Scottie taking that passion?

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