“(As a Physical Therapist) you have to be flexible and adapt to whatever scenario arises, it is stressful, but you have to try to remove every emotion from it.”

maggie bryant

What You will learn

  • The process of managing the chaos of an initial injury in a high pressure environment.
  • Maggie’s approach to rehabilitation for professional basketball players.
  • Behind the scenes experiences during NBA off-season travel and NBA All Star Games.

We see All Star Games on TV, but what is it like to be there behind the scenes? We also know there is a lot of travel in pro sports, but what about offseason travel with players? In this episode Dr. Maggie Bryant shares some stories from the NBA while also sharing insight from her experiences as the Director of Rehabilitation for the L.A. Clippers. 

Maggie is Doctor of Physical therapy who is in her 5th season working in the NBA. She is both board certified orthopedic and sports physical therapist and was a contributor to the textbook titled Basketball Sports Medicine and Science. Prior to her time with the Orlando Magic and LA Clippers, Maggie worked at the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis, MN.

Working in pro sports certainly can have its perks, and Maggie has as some great stories to share from memorable locker room moments, to attending multiple All-Star Games, and the perks of private jets and helicopters when accompanying players for off-season rehab. 

Listen here – Finding Small Wins Podcast:

004 | Maggie Bryant: NBA All Star & Life of a Physical Therapist

Notable Quotes

“Don’t rush to communicate things, wait for 24 hours, after that period, you will always know so much more.”

maggie bryant

“Allow the athlete to be the key stakeholder but also guide and allow them to have comfort with the process and what to expect.”

maggie bryant

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] What was Maggie’s entry point into pro sports?

[3:08] Maggie went through residency and then returned to Minnesota to work at Mayo Clinic.

[3:26] Maggie started working for Orlando Magic, NBA Team.

[4:20] Has Maggie ever given any thought about working in some other pro sport?

[5:02] Maggie shares her point of view regarding pro sports schedules.

[5:55] Maggie talks about the charm of the all-stars weekend.

[7:01] What are Maggie’s roles and responsibilities when attending an all-stars event?

[8:02] Maggie says you could enter any event once you get a credential.

[9:04] Maggie’s favorite memory from all-star events.

[12:47] How is life in the NBA for Maggie?

[14:24] What are some of the opportunities for working in the NBA?

[16:34] Maggie talks about her daily routine while traveling with pro sports athletes.

[17:54] Maggie remembers details about her last trip with an athlete to St. Bart 

[18:21] Flying in a private jet is amazing!

[20:45] Working for pro sports athletes is not all rainbows and butterflies.

[24:25] Maggie shares step-by-step what happens when an athlete gets injured.

[27:27] Adam confesses the hardest thing he had to do as a PT 

[29:36] ‘Don’t rush to communicate things.’

[31:17] What’s Maggie’s philosophy regarding rehab?

[33:33] Maggie advises objectivity.

[34:54] How does Maggie manages to stay in the ‘gray’ when most people prefer ‘black and white’?

[36:28] Maggie talks about part of the struggles resulting from being a PT.

[41:15] Maggie explains why messaging is hugely important. 

[42:20] Maggie advises anyone looking to uplevel their game.

[43:57] How does Maggie find her wins throughout the year?

[45:32] Maggie talks about her favorite three cities.

[51:05] Maggie enjoys her work immensely, which is why she sees herself continuing in the same field for a while.

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Book Mention: Basketball, Sports Medicine, and Science

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