“Based on your genetics, you can understand injury pathways, and no one wants to know if they’re more prone to injury, but by having the insight, you can actually make an action.”

Danny Guzman

What You will learn

  • Differences in training preparation for an MLS team vs. USMNT team.
  • How genetics can help us gain an edge in our training and rehab.
  • The importance of position specific training to optimize fitness.

What does the future of training & rehab look like? How do we continue to push the needle forward and find the extra 1-2% to give ourselves a competitive advantage or a longer life? Genetics are an untapped resource in the world of human performance. Today, former US Men’s National Soccer Team fitness coach Danny Guzman is here to guide us towards the future of genetics, training, and rehab.

Danny is a performance coach in the Southern California area who is someone I know is going to keep pushing the needle forward in human performance. Danny has had great success in his career so far as a member of two different MLS Cup championship teams in addition to being the lead fitness coach for the US Men’s National Soccer team.

Aside from consulting for professional soccer teams, Danny has taken a step back from team sports and really puts an emphasis on upgrading how professional and youth soccer players are trained. Through his company Guzman Performance, Danny takes the approach of individualizing training not only through position specific demands but incorporating insights gained from genetic testing – an area that I am keen to continue to learn how we can further individualize training and rehab. Through 3×4 Genetics and AI powered company GeneFit, Danny shares how we can begin to consider the implications of genetics into human performance.

On a personal note, Danny is someone I connect really well with because he has a great perspective on life. His humility is palpable when you talk with him and he has such a high care factor for his family and clients. I am excited for you to hear from him and learn how he is finding his small wins.

Listen here – Finding Small Wins Podcast:

013 | Danny Guzman: The Future of Training & Rehab – Individualizing Through Genetics

Notable Quotes

“Genetics account for more than 50% of your performance. So, if we’re not looking at the genetic side, you’re missing half the equation.“

Danny Guzman

“Genetics is extremely personal, there are almost 8 billion people in the world, and there’s no one with your genetics. It’s very hyper-personalized.”

Danny Guzman

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] What was Danny’s entry point to work in pro sports?

[4:01] Danny shares when his Team won an MLS Cup soon after starting in pro sports.

[5:44] Danny talks about the similarities and differences between working for a club Team and a National Team.

[7:22] How does Danny build trust with his players?

[8:16] Empathy + expertise = Trust

[9:35] If given the chance, what changes would Danny have made?

[11:23] How does Danny prepare a team for an MLS Cup versus a World Cup qualifier?

[14:50] How did Danny approach the physical aspect as a fitness performance coach within the MLS squad?

[18:06] Danny remembers when he felt underprepared.

[20:07] Danny highlights the value of a simple question: How can I help?

[20:32] How does Danny define a small win?

[22:49] Danny shares how he motivates the athletes he works with.

[26:37] How does Danny tie in the physical components within the needs of position within tactics?

[30:42] What’s one of the questions Danny gets most frequently from some of the coaches?

[35:16] How much should a sports coach know about the physical aspect of the game?

[38:20] Danny talks about his work on genetics and human performance.

[39:46] Danny talks about Gene Fit.

[44:50] What’s the first step you take when it comes to incorporating genetic testing into a performance program?

[47:37]  How can genetics influence what we do to train an athlete or prepare an athlete for an event?

[51:00] How do you justify some players doing some of that conditioning or training and others not?

[53:05] How can you prevent losing the athlete’s trust?

[55:35] What’s the first step towards incorporating genetic information into the athlete’s health and performance?

[56:59] Danny shares his advice on how anyone can upgrade health and performance.

[1:00:42:] What is Danny’s favorite stadium?

[1:02:04] What were some of the most rowdy fans Danny’s been around?

Adam Loiacono


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