Performance Therapy: a Guide on How to Progress Rehab

The following guide is going to make you a better thinker, a more organized coach or therapist, and will make your more effective with your athletes. You will learn how to simplify your rehab plans yet increase the quality of those same plans. If you are creative enough, you can even apply the frameworks to performance training too!

The BEST feature of this guide is I have provided you with several frameworks that I have created and used over the last 15 years with professional basketball and soccer players in the NBA, WNBA, MLS, and NWSL. I have taken several courses, read plenty of books, and spent countless hours in the trenches working with athletes. This Guide is an accumulation of that personal knowledge and experience that I wish to give back to you.

This Guide is 100% FREE for you because I believe in elevating the next generation of therapists and coaches. Here are the key features of this Guide:

  • How to effectively periodize and structure your daily plans.
  • Improve your exercise selection by understanding the 3 key vectors that that influence all movement.
  • 10 Principles that provide the foundation for a system guide rehab progressions.
  • Learn how and why the Force-Velocity Curve is important during the rehab process.

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Preview of the Performance therapy free resource